Welcome to Merilife!

Everyone wants a stress free life. But often we find ourselves in a situation where a little professional advice would be of much help. However getting professional advice that is bias free, confidential and best in class is often a big challenge.

Imagine being able to discuss your diet plan with a certified nutritionist to get rid of that extra fat!
Being able to discuss your retirement time financial needs with a Certified Financial Planner.
Being able to discuss the marital discord you are having with your spouse recently with a counselor.

We at Merilife have made it simple for you. We have brought together the best advisors from the field of:


  • We give you the option to maintain complete anonymity with your advisor, if you so wish to. We do not share your real name, email or phone number unless you ask us to. See How it Works.
  • We provide virtual meeting rooms so that you donít have to make long distance calls.
  • We give you the freedom to pay using net banking from most major banks, debit cards or credit cards.
  • We do not list advisors on Merilife without proper verification about their qualification and credentials. You will not see hundreds on advisors on Merilife. Only the select chosen ones.